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Before You Get Here

Do I have to have an ID? How old do I have to be?

Yes… pretty much so… and usually 18 or older. You generally will need an ID to match you to your ticket. Pictures of ID’s sometimes will be allowed for ticketing purposes. Typically, you must be 18+ to enter unless accompanied for the entire time you are here by a parent or legal guardian. Unless a show is listed as “ALL AGES” and ends by 11PM, assume all events are 18+ unless listed as 21+. If you are apparently older than 40 without a valid, current ID, security may at their discretion allow you in and mark you as of age. If we cannot legally discern your “over 21-ness”, you might be able to get in but be marked as “under age” and if so, you will be treated as under age when it comes to alcohol possession. If you are under or assumed to be, don’t possess, hold, try to purchase, or even stare longingly at any alcohol in here… that’s a big NO NO! ;) Thanks in advance.

Are there age restrictions? Alcohol rules?

Yes. Unless advertised as “ALL AGES” and ending by or before 11PM, our events are 18+ or 21+ as noted on the event. You must have a valid ID or Passport to enter and you must have Valid proof of age (21+) to purchase, possess or consume alcohol on our premises. That means our property too. If you are under age and caught drinking underage, or providing alcohol to someone that is under age anywhere on our property, you will be escorted off the property. If you are under age and we can tell you’ve been drinking, you will be escorted away. If you are of age and intoxicated when you arrive, you will not be allowed to enter. (not if you had a beer or 2 with dinner) If you are consuming alcohol on our property before you enter, you might not be allowed to enter. Our alcohol permit is very dear to us. We don’t play around on this, so just keep your booze at home or buy it here if you are of age.

How do I get tickets?

Just click on the BUY TIX link on any page of our site and select “Get Tickets” for the event you want to attend. Many of our events are hosted by outside promoters. You will be directed to their ticketing site. You will need to deal with that specific promoter and ticketing company for any ticketing specific questions or refunds. (Blackbox does not sell tickets directly)

If the show is listed as sold out, can I still get a ticket?

Not usually, so well just say probably not. Now, sometimes not everyone shows up… and sometimes a few people leave early, and when that is the case, we sometimes will sell a few more at the door around midnight. This is a risk you are taking if you try to get one this way, and it is NOT guaranteed AT ALL, but it is an avenue for really desperate people who don’t buy in advance and who often win with lottery tickets and at casinos.

Can you scan tickets off of my phone?

Typically, yes. Since our outside promoters sell the majority of the tickets, each one has its own scanning capability and tix company. Some may not, but that is definitely a rarity.

What's not allowed inside?

Obvious stuff and some not so obvious stuff. Ask if you're not sure! Banners, backpacks, flyers, frisbees, firearms, fireworks of any kind, illegal drugs, laser pointers, outside alcohol, pets (except leashed service animals), skates/skateboards, wallet chains, spiked jewelry or belts, and anything security deems is illegal or unsafe to bring inside. This list is subject to modification at any time and all bags and persons will be searched upon entry. We want YOU to have a safe and fun time without worry.

What is the bag policy? Is there a dress code?

Keep bags small and sparse! Cover your feet and your naughty bits! We allow most bags, but security will thoroughly search all bags and patrons, so the smaller and less full you bag is, the faster you get inside. (Folks with big and full bags may have to wait for while we process folks who didn’t bring the whole farm, so, it’s just wayyyy better to not bring a lot of stuff and bring small, clear bags if you need a bag) Also, dress comfy and however you wish. Do wear shoes for safety and to be sanitary and please cover all the parts that have to be covered legally in public!

Is there a coat check?

Yup. There is a coat check in the lobby area once you get inside. It’s usually around 5 bucks cash and a little more if you use cash app. You can also rent a tall-ish, thin-ish locker for $10 (or $11 cash app) plus a refundable deposit that you get back when you return the key. They’ll even sell you ear plugs for a buck for cryin’ out loud!

Getting Here & Getting Inside

How do I get there?

From I-85 go east on Sugar Creek Rd. Once you cross Tryon St., you will take a left at the next light. (Greensboro St.) You can enter the parking lot on the right or drive around back and park in our gravel lot out back. From NoDa, go north on Davidson street until you reach Sugar Creek Rd. Take a left and cross the bridge. You can take a right into the parking lot or go right on Greensboro St. You can enter the parking lot on the right or drive around back and park in our gravel lot out back.

Where do I park?

There is limited space in the free lot in front of the Theater as well as the neighboring laundromat property Behind the theater we share a large gravel lot with the empty gas station property. You can also park at the Sugar Creek Station parking deck and walk or take your chances with other nearby parking areas, lots or street parking. PLEASE, never leave visable valuables in your car and be careful parking in other lots as there are predatory towing companies that may take your car if you are parked on other properties. Look closely for towing area signage - Legal info source:

Can I leave and go to my car? Is there re-entry?

No. We have a No Re-Entry policy. You can hit the smoking patio for outside air or a cigarette, but once you leave by any exit, your ticket/wristband is no longer valid. If tickets are available, you can purchase another one still in most cases. Under very rare emergency cases, we may allow a security guard to escort you to your car and back in, but that barely ever happens around here...

Can I bring my own water bottle or camelback?

Nope, sorry!

What's the photo/video policy?

Basically, it's the artist's call. The Artists / Promoters dictate the camera policy on a per show basis. Please contact the promoter for the event for more details We generally do not allow professional (detachable lens) cameras into the venue without prior consent from the artist. Some artists restrict ALL cameras. Professional Video recording /Audio recording is not allowed without express artist permission at any show. Any unauthorised professional equipment will be confiscated for the remainder of the event. Some artists allow and encourage audio taping at their shows (and have their own policies posted on their websites). We suggest you check on the band's/artists official website/message board regarding their taping policies.

How do I find out what the set times are for the show?

Websites or social media if it is posted. If the promoter or venue is releasing the set times, it will typically be listed on their website or social media accounts. The venue does not always have access to this info, so don’t ask us!

You're In! Now What?

Are there seats? Are there sections?

Not usually. Some events will rent chairs to put out and these will be listed as such. We are almost always a GA standing room only venue. In the special case of special needs patrons, email us about your specifics and we will endeavor to accommodate when possible. VIP sections are specific to certain shows.

What's the capacity?

Variable. We are currently capping the main room inside at 1000. The outside amphitheater area is around 2200 and the “show lot” is around 6000.

Do you serve food?

No, but we have food trucks sometimes. We don’t always have food trucks, but sometimes we do, and it's delicious when that happens!. We will attempt to list it on the event or on social media when this is the case.

What type of payments do you accept?

Cash and Credit Card for general bar sales. (Coat Check accepts Cash and Cash app) We sometimes use other methods to settle bills for events. Inquire if you have specific questions about settlement.

Can I smoke weed inside or on the patio?

No. North Carolina State Law prohibits indoor smoking . We do have a smoking patio for folks who wish to smoke cigarettes and vapes. Marijuana is not legal to smoke in NC, so you will be escorted away if you smoke it on our property, sorry. That can effect our alcohol permit status, and we just don't mess around with that.

What do I do if I lost something in there? My ID, My Card?

You're in luck! We have a Lost and Found. Check back with us when we are open or Email us at and describe the lost item(s) and if we have it we’ll set up a way/time for you to retrieve it. Are you from out of town? Send us the shipping and handling costs and we’ll drop it in the mail. Of course you must be able to satisfactorily describe items/ prove they are yours to get them back.

What's the refund policy for tickets?

It varies. Each promoter will list their refund policy on their own site. If it is an In house ticketed show, we do not refund tickets unless a show is cancelled or postponed. NO refunds if you get kicked out for doing something against the rules.

Other Common Questions

How do I book Blackbox for my event?

Walkthrough tours of the venue are by appointment only. If you are an experienced promoter, send us a detailed request via our contact form. Be sure to show us your history in the market and demonstrate your ability as well as give details about what you wish to bring to BLACKBOX. Weak or incomplete submissions may not be fully considered. If you are looking to throw a wedding, a party or a corporate event or book Blackbox for a private event, please send us a detailed request via our contact form. Be sure to thoroughly explain your event, budget goals, and how may attendees you expect as well as what you will need from us for production, load in, set up, tear down, clean up, etc. Give as much detail about what you wish to bring to BLACKBOX as possible to get the best quote.

If I'm a DJ, Band or Manager looking to get my act booked at Blackbox, what do I do?

Blackbox does not directly book talent. You should look for a local promoter that might let you jump on a show or who may book and promote you or your act. Take a look at our show list and see who's promoting the events you like or are most compatible with your style/sound and reach out to them about opening slots.

Are you hiring?

Possibly. But we always accept applications/resumes, even when we aren’t. Different departments have different needs. We have a lot more part time help than full time help. If you wish to inquire or submit a resume, email the department you’d like to contact. Security - Bar - Box Office - Production

Do you have a newsletter?

Indeed! Add your name below where is says "Enter your email here*" to subscribe!

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